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13 Oct 2020

Day 652

Intellij idea toolbars

“View -> Appearance -> Tool window bars” gives extremely useful tool window bars that include a number, the one I can use in <Alt-N> bindings to make them appear! Same goes for the …tabs to the right with Structure etc.

Intellij building complex stuff and running maven goals

Once N maven goals or whatever are run and N tabs opened, they can be found again in the “Run” tool window bar (<Alt-4>). Particular tabs can be also successfully restarted.

maven skip checkstyle

mvn [target] -Dcheckstyle.skip does the magic without editing any POMs etc. 1

Java Comparators

  • Not bound to -1, 0, +1, any positive/negative number works.

Random / interesting

Nightcore - Wikipedia - A nightcore edit is a cover track that speeds up the pitch and time of its source material by 10–30%.

  1. Disable maven checkstyle - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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