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19 Nov 2020

Day 689

vim open multiple files via stdin

When trying to do this: find | grep \/model | grep descr | xargs vim -p it opens all files in different tabs as wanted, but breaks the terminal afterwards (need to reset it).

intellij idea tests “No tests found matching Method”

Sometimes I see it and randomly restart and somehow it goes away, today it didn’t.

The usual ‘Invalidate Caches & Restart’ didn’t fix it for me. BUT I had forgotten to annotate it as @Test.

Other ideas about this from StackOverflow: 1

  • run the entire suite, not just that one test
  • If you rename the test it may use the last working running configuration that will fail

Jira markup - indented bullet points / subpoints

Uses asterisks, not indentation.

* I am a bullet point
** I am related to the first one

  1. maven - java.lang.Exception: No tests found matching Method using Intellij IDEA - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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