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15 Dec 2020

Day 715

ncdu / ncurses interface to list big directories

ncdu is a little neat program that first scans all the subdirectories of the current one and returns a nice visual navigable list.

d to delete selected folder, ? for help.

zip recursively excluding folder or some files

zip -r ./ -x 'unscoped/*'

-x is a regex of files to exclude. 1


dankbare aufgabe - “rewarding task”

Diff two folders

diff -rq folder1 folder2 diffs contents of files inside the two folders.

Daff diff epsilon

daff diff can accept a -d parameter giving an epsilon, changes of numbers smaller than eps won’t be shown in the diff!


screen -r seems to accept not just the full name of the screen to attach, but even just the first letters!

  1. How do I zip up a folder but exclude the .git subfolder - Ask Ubuntu ↩︎

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