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04 Jan 2021

Day 734

Updated i3 config for toggling between modes

Made everything simpler, based on what I usually really need:

bindsym $ms+s layout toggle tabbed stacking
bindsym $ms+Shift+s layout toggle split

TODO - something for “focus tab N in currently focused container”, a la what I have in qutebrowser/intellij.

Yearly dtb ritual of updating year

.. TODO - fix this, finally. +DAY=$(((365)*2+10#$(date +%j)))

ideavim splitters

Added this to ~/.ideavimrc for moving between splits

map <leader>h :action PrevSplitter<CR>
map <leader>l :action NextSplitter<CR>
map <leader>o :action MoveEditorToOppositeTabGroup<CR>
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