In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

06 Jan 2021

Day 736


das wasserzeichen - Watermark! (Heard at work) die dringlichkeit - urgency. “Besondere Dringlichkeit”. Verschiedene Dringlichkeiten. (heard at work)

Bluetooth / Linux

blueman is a nice semi-gui suite for everything. bluetoothctl is an interactive cli.

Linux - remove noise from microphone with Noisetorch

lawl/NoiseTorch: Real-time microphone noise suppression on Linux. - creates virtual devices that are the same as inpucts, but filter the noise. Works really well for me! (Single binary). Works also for filtering voice in outputs! Listening to songs through it is weird.

taskwarrior zsh sprint env variable

Changed date format from %+V to just %V, which gives a sprint like 01 instead of 1 (which in turn removes the need for filtering in taskwarrior, now sprint:01 is a unique identifier)


export SPRINT=$(date +%V)
Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.