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19 Jan 2021

Day 749

.vimrc conversion saga

In [Day732]({{site.baseurl}}{% link _posts/2021-01-02-day732.markdown %}), I changed my ./vimrc to utf8 from latin-1, to be able to use the “” symbol to mark trailing spaces.

Well, it broke the vim macros for the link wiki (from [Day 450]({{site.baseurl}}{% link _posts/2020-06-23-day540.markdown %})) :( I had the latin version of the .vimrc backed up, falling back to it for now.

I need to think of a way to save these macros better, because even copypasting them to this dtb didn’t work and I had to do text encoding magic. I think this is exactly the time one should use a proper scripting language like Python, and write another small qutebrowser script that changes the contents of the filled textarea.

link links to pages, post_url links directly to posts inside _posts.

Link to pages:

{% link _collection/ %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% link _collection/ %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% link _posts/ %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% link services/index.html %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% link /assets/documents/pal-codes.pdf %}

Links to posts:

{% post_url %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% post_url %}
{{ site.baseurl }}{% post_url /folder/ %}

Copied directly from this excellent page, I never found this explained in such a readable way: How to create internal links in Jekyll | Web Island Blog

TODO Jekyll / dtb / meta

Write a small script that allows me to easily link to days just by their day number.

Jekyll changed post permalinks

Before URI contained the date and was hard to link to. Now I changed this in _config.yml:

permalink: :title:output_ext

Links are now like this:

Python representing infinity

float('inf') works for floats, but there’s no way to do it with ints. math.inf is also a float. 1

vim interrupt operation via <Ctrl-C>

Made a typo, vim attempted to indent 20k lines (and started counting “xx lines to indent…”, intuitively pressed <Ctrl-C>, it successfully interrupted the operation!

  1. Represent infinity as an integer in Python 2.7 - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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