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29 Jan 2021

Day 759

Intellij idea / pycharm global bookmark a line in the file.

<Ctrl-Shift-#> (where ‘#’ is 1-9) adds named bookmarks to lines in the file; <Ctrl-#> to go there. (It’s logical to make it easier to go to a bookmark than to set one, given that the former should happen more often). Complements nicely ideavim’s m# bindings.

These bookmarks are global.

Intellij idea switch to tab numbers + moving tab + plugings + random keybindings

In the description of the plugin GoToTabs: Now it’s supported natively through keymap->other->tabs! Can’t get tab 2 to work, but I couldn’t do this with bookmarks either, something is catching that binding before it gets to intellij?

Also in idea you can map numpad numbers - I could remap them for bookmarks.

TODO make a backup of my keymap.

And - there’s TabNumberIndicator, that adds the Alt+# bindings and shows the tab number in the tab! Exactly what I wanted.

  • Added <Ctrl+,> for moving the tab left though MoveTab plugin.

EDIT - argh, I knew I needed these Alt+# bindings. TODO change them to Ctrl+Alt+… or similar.

copying a python virtualenv

virtualenv-clone is the package, syntax is 1

python -m clonevirtualenv source/ target/

  1. python - How to duplicate virtualenv - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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