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02 Feb 2021

Day 763

nomacs for files over ssh

Nomacs is extremely slow when viewing images located on a remote server, any other viewer works for me. The default one is eog / “Eye of Gnome”

Python investigate memory leaks

tracemalloc is part of the python standard library!

This snippet from the docs1 has everything:

import linecache
import os
import tracemalloc

def display_top(snapshot, key_type='lineno', limit=10):
    snapshot = snapshot.filter_traces((
        tracemalloc.Filter(False, "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>"),
        tracemalloc.Filter(False, "<unknown>"),
    top_stats = snapshot.statistics(key_type)

    print("Top %s lines" % limit)
    for index, stat in enumerate(top_stats[:limit], 1):
        frame = stat.traceback[0]
        print("#%s: %s:%s: %.1f KiB"
              % (index, frame.filename, frame.lineno, stat.size / 1024))
        line = linecache.getline(frame.filename, frame.lineno).strip()
        if line:
            print('    %s' % line)

    other = top_stats[limit:]
    if other:
        size = sum(stat.size for stat in other)
        print("%s other: %.1f KiB" % (len(other), size / 1024))
    total = sum(stat.size for stat in top_stats)
    print("Total allocated size: %.1f KiB" % (total / 1024))


# ... run your application ...

snapshot = tracemalloc.take_snapshot()

  1. tracemalloc — Trace memory allocations — Python 3.9.1 documentation ↩︎

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