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09 Feb 2021

Day 770

Python parameter unpacking

Extremely helpful answer: Revisions to Passing a dictionary to a function as keyword parameters - Stack Overflow

I also really like this approach:

A few extra details that might be helpful to know (questions I had after reading this and went and tested):

  1. The function can have parameters that are not included in the dictionary
  2. You can not override a parameter that is already in the dictionary
  3. The dictionary can not have parameters that aren’t in the function. Examples:

(Connects with my long-forgotten way of ‘after reading something, ask questions, try to find faults, try to find places this isn’t going to work, try to find connections with stuff you already know, try to find contradictions with stuff you already know’ etc., I have to start doing this again)

Make jira use less whitespace

Main culprit is this code, and changing that value to anything makes life better:

.adg3 .issue-container {
	max-width: 1280px;

qutebrowser cycle through css / custom css

This line toggles between solarized-everything1 and the above snippet for making jira wide again.

config.bind(',c', 'config-cycle content.user_stylesheets "~/.config/qutebrowser/css/solarized-dark-generic.css" "~/.config/qutebrowser/css/jira.css"')

Sadly no automatic per-website-css possible yet, it seems.

alphapapa/solarized-everything-css: A collection of Solarized user-stylesheets for…everything?

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