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24 Feb 2021

Day 785

Jupyter notebook - show token

Pressing <Ctrl-C> in a Terminal where jupyter-notebook is running will show a list of running kernels/notebooks, which will include the token:

1 active kernel
Jupyter Notebook 6.2.0 is running at:

mAP (mean average precision) metric

Nice description: Measuring Object Detection models - mAP - What is Mean Average Precision?

TL;DR a way to uniformly calculate results of object detection over an entire dataset, accounding for different thresholds (“my 50% confidence is your 80%). We get such thresholds that recall is 0.1, 0.2, …, 1.0 and then measure precision at these points; take the mean.

A bit more details: rafaelpadilla/Object-Detection-Metrics: Most popular metrics used to evaluate object detection algorithms.

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