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25 Feb 2021

Day 786

ELIZA chatbot source

This is the script of the DOCTOR program for ELIZA: eliza/doctor.txt at master · wadetb/eliza

SSH port forwarding - you can forward multiple ports!

The -L option can be specified multiple times within the same command. Every time with different ports. 1

Here’s an example:

ssh me@remote_server -L 8822:REMOTE_IP_1:22 -L 9922:REMOTE_IP_2:22

And an even better solution from there, adding this to ~/.ssh/config

Host port-forwarding
  Hostname remote_server
  User me
  LocalForward 6007 localhost:6007
  LocalForward 6006 localhost:6006
  Port 10000

and then just do ssh pf!

Latex color list

A list of all colors in latex supported via the various packages: color - Does anyone have a newrgbcolor{colourname}{x.x.x} list? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

  1. ssh -L forward multiple ports - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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