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23 Mar 2021

Day 812

sshfs / ‘Transport endpoint not connected’

In line with Day 784 about unmounting broken endpoints, yesterday I got a lot of errors (thunar didn’t start, I blamed memory, but df -h also didn’t start…), at the end the issue was with a sshfs directory:

fuse: bad mount point ./mountpoint': Transport endpoint is not connected`

Using day 784 didn’t help, still got the above error. This helped: fusermount -uz myserver

Also, TODO: Why doesn’t linking stuff like this work?

[Day 784]({% post_url 2021-02-23-day784.markdown %})

numpy true booleans

a is True is false for a numpy array of one element a, even if it’s value is True. a == True works correctly. Why does this happen?

pycharm debugging in console

You can use the console not just to look for output, but to interact with the variables etc! Why didn’t I think of this before: Using Debug Console | PyCharm

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