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28 Mar 2021

Day 817

loginctl as a way to manage sessions of logged in users

Instead of killing all processes belonging to someone, loginctl will return all sessions, and loginctl kill-session $number will log the user off!

New non-work user account!

Set my old Lain background with feh. I should look at some of my old i3 settings etc, to make it look different from the work one.

  • zsh theme: trapd00r
  • vim theme: pablo

General plans for vacation

  • Don’t touch any ‘should’s - java, python, …; mostly focus on ‘housekeeping’ things if I want to do stuff with the computer
  • Learn to use kitty well
    • Highlighting/copying URIs etc especially
    • See if I can use it to replace some of my hacks
  • Learn to use tmux or screen well
    • Screen is available almost everywhere, but tmux is ‘better’
  • Learn to use vim much better
    • Make an effort to learn it systematically and well from the beginning, I have a lot of antipatterns
    • w/E etc
    • vim recovery of swap files
  • Sort out my i3/user config and all configs in general
    • Something easy to enable/disable keyboards (xinput float ..)
    • Something to turn on/off audio/webcamera
    • Move container splitting keybinding further away from window closing keybinding
  • Sort out all dotfiles
    • A place where they are by default and can be imported/overwritten
    • In general any kind of dotfiles management/backup
  • Sort out my startup scripts
    • In general something that doesn’t make me afraid to disconnect the laptop from the screen
      • Automatically use connected screens, without arandr-ing every time
      • Same for keyboards
      • Same for keyboard layouts
      • Run redshift and stuff only once
      • Even just an i3 keybinding that sets up what’s needed

“Ricing” - English / Unix / …

  • Ricing is “making improvements to a system that don’t actually do anyone any good, and can sometimes have negative ramifications” 1
  • “Rice” is “a word that is commonly used to refer to making visual improvements and customizations on one’s desktop. It was inherited from the practice of customizing cheap Asian import cars to make them appear to be faster than they actually were” 2

(was curious about the name of a PPA)

i3 stuff

Test config file:

  - name: eDP-1
    workspaces: [1, 0]
    randr_extra_options: "--primary --mode 2560x1440"
  - name: HDMI-2
    workspaces: [2, 3, 4]
    randr_extra_options: "--above eDP-1"

autorandr for flexible multimonitor setup

This is even better than the above: phillipberndt/autorandr: Auto-detect the connected display hardware and load the appropriate X11 setup using xrandr It saves configs readably and automatically to ~/.config/autorandr/config

General small things

  • autorandr set up
  • i3lock
  • better autostart
    • start the diensttagebuch, work notes in the correct workspaces
    • start slack, Telegram and co in the correct workspaces
    • Put workspaces on the correct screens

i3-gaps fun

Very simple config:

gaps inner 10
gaps outer 10

Installed compton to get transparent terminals. Added this to kitty config:

background_opacity 0.8

Git use use specific public key file

When using public key and ssh for git, when you can’t use ssh-add ..., this works: GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_example" git clone example 3

  1. Urban Dictionary: ricing ↩︎

  2. themeing/dictionary - unixporn ↩︎

  3. ssh - How to tell git which private key to use? - Super User ↩︎

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.