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05 Apr 2021

Day 825

taskwarrior non-work user account

Changed the zsh alias for it:

s () {task s project.not:w sprint.not:s "$*"}

Now on my non-work account, it shows non-work tasks from any sprint except “s” (which is a proxy of due:someday).

German foreign words

Foreign Words (Fremdwörter) - really nice! Has specific suffixes and what genders they create in German. In general - I remember that excellent website.

Also: “das Thema, die Themen”) - which plural rule is that? TODO


Given that I need to push/pull it a lot now, I should exclude the generated .html files in .gitignore


W opens the last closed window! … on the topic of ‘learn well the tools you use daily’


Installed ding! Still remains the best dictionary program ever. ding buch works!

TODO - add keybinding to search for currently selected word. Or a basic prompt to quickly look for words, a la dtb - and that ideally adds the needed words to a list, and maybe even generates anki flashcards from them!

ding -m to start it minimally, likely make it floating for i3 by class, is a really nice start. Added this to config:

## Ding float
bindsym $ms+Shift+d exec ding -m
for_window [class="Ding"] floating enable

(got class from xprop)

Redshift settings for late-night work

If default automatic settings are too strong, these work well: redshift -xO 2500 -b 0.7

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.