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11 Apr 2021

Day 831

Yunohost full app information / data / install paths

yunohost app info -f appname returns the A LOT of info about the appname, including installation paths.

Qutebrowser userscripts folder location / Writing informative error messages

… can be located in ~/.config/qutebrowser/userscripts, not just in ~/.local ..! When tried to run one it didn’t find it helpfully outputted all the paths it looks for them - which is great and I’ll steal this. If a file is not found you know the person will probably need this, especially if they are many.

GNU Stow for dotfiles management

One of the cooler solutions I’ve seen: Managing dotfiles with GNU stow - Alex Pearce (There seems to be a canonical page1 I found first, but I like the other one more)

TL;DR create a directory for the dotfiles, with each folder containing dotfiles mirroring the usual dotfiles' locations in the system; Then from inside the main dotfiles directory do stow vim bash whatever and it’ll magically put it in the right place in the home directory.

This works because

Stow assumes that the contents of the

you specify should live one directory above where the stow command is run, so having our .dotfiles directory at ~/.dotfiles means using stow to manage our dotfiles just works. 2

This is awesome because:

  • No manual symlinking
  • Dotfiles directory can be easily backed up with git or whatever

The same article2’s sample github repo: dotfiles/neovim at master · alexpearce/dotfiles

Cool dotfile ideas

The stow linked github repo’s dotfiles are actually fascinating: alexpearce/dotfiles: My dotfiles.

dotfiles/.gitconfig at master · alexpearce/dotfiles:

# Clone git repos with URLs like "gh:alexpearce/dotfiles"
[url ""]
  insteadOf = "gh:"
[url ""]
  pushInsteadOf = "gh:"
# Clone CERN GitLab repos with URLs like "gl:lhcb/Hlt"
[url "ssh://"]
  insteadOf = "gl:"

Git config aliases

Applying the above to my own configs in ~/.gitconfig.

Assuming the ssh port is 1234 ~/.gitconfig is like

[url "ssh://git@myserver:1234/"]
  insteadOf = "gh:"

and then in the per-repo settings something similar to

[remote "bitbucket"]
	url = gh:myusername/myproject.git

Cloning it is now easy:

git clone gh:myusername/myproject


Jekyll syntax highlighting supported languages

List of supported languages and lexers · rouge-ruby/rouge Wiki Quite a lot! Will try the generic conf for the .gitconfig above.

  1. Brandon Invergo - Using GNU Stow to manage your dotfiles↩︎

  2. Even better description than the canonical page: Managing dotfiles with GNU stow - Alex Pearce ↩︎

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