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21 Apr 2021

Day 841

Deutsch / German

“Meetingtourismus oder Papiergenerieren?” (heard at work)

Qutebrowser userscripts

It seems to run userscripts not in the virtualenv qutebrowser uses, but the standard system one? Installing packages in virtualenv didn’t work, but installing them globally did.


Moving/renaming a file/directory is easy: dvc move from to1. Automatically updates the from.dvc files. Then .gitignore and the .dvc file have to be added and committed through git as usual.

This is interesting: Data Organization — documentation

In general: Best Practices for Scientific Data Management — documentation

This guide describes Axiom Data Science’s best practices for scientific data management. The intent of these practices is to improve the accessibility and usability of your data. These practices may be followed at any time during the preparation of your dataset, but are most useful when considered at the onset of project planning and implemented during data collection.

Also related: Organising your data | Research Data Management

Tree output only directories

tree -d does it.

Git paths from root of repo

Root of repo: git rev-parse --show-prefix 2

--git-dir returns the location of the .git folder, and --show-toplevel returns the absolute location of the git root.

  1. move | Data Version Control · DVC ↩︎

  2. bash - How to get the path of the current directory relative to root of the git repository? - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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