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11 May 2021

Day 861

kitty hints

Changed the hint I most often use to a better binding:

# Copy url
# map kitty_mod+n>c kitten hints --type path --program @
map kitty_mod+g kitten hints --type path --program @


  • w track 1728 tag1 automatically ends it `now``.
  • w continue just continues the last thing running by starting something identical starting “now” and continuing till stopped.

kitty kittens

kitty autocompletion

In zshrc:

autoload -Uz compinit
# Completion for kitty
kitty + complete setup zsh | source /dev/stdin

kitty scrollback pager

From Feature Request: Ability to select text with the keyboard (vim-like) · Issue #719 · kovidgoyal/kitty · GitHub:

scrollback_pager vim - -c 'w! /tmp/kitty_scrollback' -c 'term ++curwin cat /tmp/kitty_scrollback'

Vim 8.0 works. Nice colorful etc.

zsh vim mode timeout

Zsh Vi Mode:

Adding this allows to register the <Esc> key in 0.1 sec, not default 0.4.


A good documented vimrc

A Good Vimrc - TODO

I also love his design!

zsh vim mode with objects!

GitHub - softmoth/zsh-vim-mode: Friendly bindings for ZSH’s vi mode

Out of all the various vim plugins, this is the only one I found that allows to meaningfully work with objects, like ci' etc. Also the mode indicator works very reliably.

Doesn’t conflict with zsh-evil-registers.

English / random

  • “expect and require”
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