In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

13 May 2021

Day 863

Remapping a Thinkpad T580 Fn key to Ctrl

The location of the Fn key on the laptop keyboard is absolutely idiotic and I hate it. Fn keys are usually handled by the hardware and ergo unusable. Now that I have to use the keyboard more, thought I have nothing to lose and tried xev and oh what a wonderful world it gets read as XF86WakeUp! Therefore it can be remapped to something more sensible. … like the Ctrl key it should be.

Easiest way for me was adding this to autostart:

xcape -e 'XF86WakeUp=Control_L' -d &

No side effects of the other xcape command xcape -e 'Control_L=Escape' -t 100, it seems to be considered a different Control_L key and clicking it fast doesn’t produce Escape.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.