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23 May 2021

Day 873

Qutebrowser crashing fix

I think I have this time - removing state got it to start without reinstalling/changing anything.

Using screen in places that don’t support screen

Figured out myself and kinda proud of this one. If server1 doesn’t have screen, you can ssh to it from inside screen of a server2 that does have screen! As long as the SSH connection is there it’ll work.

json dump of np.float32

When doing jsons.dumps(thing) where thing has np.float32s inside it, you get the error:

TypeError: Object of type 'float32' is not JSON serializable

This is fixed by:

  • doing json.dumps(str(thing)) (though will return it as string, may or may not be what we want)
  • Converting the np.float32s to standard python float before adding them to the object

Mosquito / MQTT / openHAB

  • mosquito is an ubuntu implementation of the mqtt protocol, which is “subscribe to a broker for messages of type X and you’ll get them” - seems to be a standard like REST.
  • OpenHAB is a self-hosted thing that nicely manages such endpoints

(from V.H’s presentation about “Как подключить вайфай к чайнику для чайников”)

NLTK preprocessing for German

German tutorial about preprocessing German with NLTK: Preprocessing

zsh add binding to edit in vim

Added a zsh binding that in vi command mode launches edit-command-line to edit the current line in vim proper:

bindkey -M vicmd v edit-command-line

Doesn’t conflict with zsh-vim-mode-plugin. It’s nice how they all build upon the existing zsh infrastructure and I can keep adding my own bindings using the same mechanisms.

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