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02 Jun 2021

Day 883

Awesome Quantified Self

What do I need?

  • Something self-hosted to:
  • … transparently and seamlessly track stuff, kinda like android Nomie in the good old days, but with web and android support
  • … easily send/receive stuff using an API for my own visualizations



  • Would be nice if somehow the TOREADs from DTB got parsed, my added links from wallaby got parsed, all would live on ..or somewhere else
  • How would that play with morning/evening pages, weekly reviews, checklists? They’d be their own data source to..?


JacobEvelyn/friends: Spend time with the people you care about. Introvert-tested. Extrovert-approved. is really nice!

> friends add activity three days ago: Some activity three days ago                                                      <<<
Activity added: "2021-05-30: Some activity three days ago"

# also works:
> friends list activities --since="two month ago"

As with taskwarrior, things can get arbitrarily shortened as long as they remain unique! friends a ac "some activity" (you can add both an activity and an alias)

Firefox for Android - using the old extensions! (And Fennec)

Found this: How to use collections on | Firefox Help

TL;DR create an extension collection on Firefox’s website, then from Fennec or Firefox Nightly they can be installed! Wooooohooo!

Also TIL about Fennec - seems like a Firefox fork without features that are ‘considered harmful’

Taskwarrior logging an already completed task

task log adds a task and sets its status to completed! 1

As a bonus, tasks that don’t have a specific tag are task -notthistag list

Git add vim swap files to .gitignore

To add all the swapfiles generated by vim (.swp, .swo, etc) to gitignore:2


Here’s also interesting Github’s own .gitignore for vim files: gitignore/Vim.gitignore at master · github/gitignore

Python graph library

graph-tool: Efficent network analysis with python looks like a really good and modern graph theory library for python

  1. Taskwarrior - FAQ ↩︎

  2. git ignore vim temporary files - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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