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31 Jul 2021

Day 942

Telegram desktop shortcuts (especially for strikethrough text)

Random list from the internet: Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)

Here interesting is <C-S-x> for strikethrough text. The others there are all mostly useful.


Would be neat to add some simple javascripts to the Checklists | Diensttagebuch, so that when I click each <li> it’ll become strikethrough-d. I’d be something a la document.querySelectorAll("li") + somethingsomethingOnClicksomething.

javascript - Change CSS properties on click - Stack Overflow, or whatever. Filling this as “todo” for some infinite time in the future. Likely not worth spending time on, as I nether am planning to travel too much, nor want to learn more about javascript.

It kept showing a “Thesis” link in the header, I couldn’t understand where from - well, I had a file called \, prolly a vim artifact, which was a copy of the I’d been blaming. Removing \ removed the link. This also breaks my assumption that jekyll will ignore any non-md non-html files, noted.

Jekyll blues - unpublished posts staying uploaded

published: false in the front matter should’ve made the post disappear, but reloading it I could see it was still there. Then I noticed it did disappear from the category listings.

The issue was my use of rsync, a line I had copypasted a long time ago:

rsync -av _site/ me@server:/whatever --progress --update

It uploads incrementally only the changed files. No one said anything about deleting the deleted ones! Jekyll didn’t generate pages for those posts, but the ones on the server stayed there.

Not quite sure whether a fix is needed, for now just removed the directory from the server.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.