In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

18 Aug 2021

Day 960

Changes in colorschemes/themes for low battery / low brightness / dark contexts

When coding in a plane and then on a bus did some slight changes, some are useful:

  • Intellij / pycharm:
    • “Darcula” / “High contrast” themes, both for editor and for IDE, are really nice when doing stuff in the dark
      • “High contrast” especially when using low screen brightness
    • When you change the IDE theme, you get a prompt to change the editor theme too
  • kitty / CLI
    • Increased font size to 13 and made it bold - made stuff much easier to see, especially the bold part.
    • Keeping the text bold by default from now on!
font_family      FiraCode-Bold
font_size 12.0
  • Was unable to get solarized CSS files working in qutebrowser for any website I tried to

If I’ll be on the road more often, I’ll create this as a mode or something - bold bigger text, different IDE colorschemes, etc.

English / phrasse

“Octopus mode” for emergency-multitasking-stuff - heard at work (J.)

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.