Could Suicidal Behaviors Be the Result of Evolution?

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Could Suicidal Behaviors Be the Result of Evolution?

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. A small minority of researchers believe that we may have evolved to, under the right conditions, try to kill ourselves

The first model is called inclusive fitness, and it relies on the notion of the “selfish gene”: The most basic unit of reproduction in natural selection is not the individual organism but the gene. Your genes don’t care if you survive to reproduce, as long as they do, and they exist in more people than just you. So they might lead you, their host organism, to sacrifice yourself if it sufficiently benefits your family members, who share many of your genes. [Not wanting to be a burden]
The second strategic model of suicidality is the bargaining model, which relies on the notion of “costly signaling.
. The data showed that people with greater upper body strength were less likely to suffer depression. What’s more, once the researchers took the effect of physical strength out of the equation, men and women were equally likely to be depressed.