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08 Jan 2017

Undeniable Presence: How to Create a Powerful Aura Around Yourself - The Emotion Machine

- Formulate core values and remind yourself about them, to keep yourself grounded (Relevant: AOM)

“Together these studies make an important point: before heading into a situation where we may be challenged, we can reduce our anxiety by reaffirming the parts of our authentic best selves we value most. When we feel safe with ourselves, we become significantly less defensive and more open to feedback, making us better problem solvers, too.”

- Feeling powerful

When researchers prime people to feel powerful, those who feel more powerful tend to perform better on tests that measure their cognitive ability, problem-solving skills, spatial tasks, and creativity. It’s also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety which often take up our mental resources and block our ability to bring out our best self.

- Good body language (Think Amy Cuddy and that legendary TED talk) and/or visualize a power pose!
- Change breathing to mimic the mood you want to achieve

Panic – Short, fast, shallow breaths
Anger – Long forced breaths
Calmness – Slow steady breaths
Happiness – Long inhalations, long exhalations