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21 Feb 2017

PhD basic survival tips - Saul Albert

Excellent guide relevant for pretty much any high-stress times. I liked the idea about procrastinating effectively.

A. Stay physically healthy

Regular, goal oriented physical exercise at home will save time/money. Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your energy levels consistent. Walk for at least one hour every day Try exercise first thing: an early commitment kept makes other daily habits easier.

B. Stay mentally healthy

Try to cultivate hobbies that involve social contact, but where you can turn them on and off like a tap when you need to. Social dancing is a good example.

C. Procrastinate effectively

You are going to spend most of your time procrastinating, so do it well. Enhance the ergonomics and comfort of your workspace and equipment. Develop your research infrastructure, use tools you’re excited to learn and try. ‘‘‘Start and maintain a ‘second project’ to keep you interested '’’ Do something useful for your research sub-community. It really pays off. Follow people you respect on twitter, post something useful for them daily. Organize and re-organize your literature, files, data, drawers, pencil case etc. Seek out new tweaks, hacks and incremental improvements everywhere.