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05 Mar 2017

The day they levitated the Pentagon - Waging Nonviolence

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  • Rating: 5; Complexity: 6
    Title: The day they levitated the Pentagon - Waging Nonviolence

    Also see Also: so /that’s/ what was that Daria line about!,_This_Is_Dumb

    Jake, Helen, and the Yeagers once tried to levitate the Pentagon. This is a reference to a real-life “attempt” to do this in October 1967 by Abbie Hoffman and Allen Ginsberg during an anti-war march that was prevented from reaching the building, though the characters aren’t part of a larger protest in this flashback. (This is the same march where George Harris famously placed a carnation in a soldier’s gun) Whereas Hoffman and Ginsberg were doing guerilla theatre, young Jake actually believes it could be levitated…

    Oh whatever