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14 Jul 2017

Learning Math (Mega Man vs. Tetris) – BetterExplained

Excellent way to view learning mathematics and learning in general.
Tetris mindset vs Mega man

"Here's the trick: every boss has a weakness. After you beat Fire-man with your regular gun, you earn a fire weapon. This makes your upcoming fight with Ice-man easier, which helps defeat the next boss, and so on. '''In Mega Man, you look forward to encountering more bosses.'''"

“Think about Tetris: would you look forward to a variety of new shapes appearing? Heck no. Tetris can be fun in a “survive hordes of incoming zombies” sort of way, but in terms of learning, it’s a frustrating, Sisyphean task. Every new piece is something to move beyond, not a learning opportunity. It’s a test to find your breaking point.”

When learning, I ask: "Did I internalize the concept so much I look forward to seeing it?". Learned ideas become allies, a decoder key to help unlock future equations.