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23 Apr 2020

Evidence-based advice on how to be successful in any job - 80,000 Hours

A classic :)

Table of Contents
1. Don’t forget to take care of yourself
2. If necessary, make mental health your top priority
3. Deal with your physical health (not forgetting your back!)
4. Apply scientific research into happiness
5. Improve your basic social skills
6. Surround yourself with great people
7. Consider changing where you live
8. Use these tips to save more money
9. Try out this list of ways to become more productive
10. Learn how to learn
11. Be strategic about how to perform better in your job
12. Use research into decision-making to think better
13. Consider teaching yourself these other useful work skills
14. Take these steps to master a field and make creative contributions
15. Work on becoming a better person
How to be successful: the compounding benefits of investing in yourself

TL;DR basics -> science -> extraversion -> either hubs or Thailand -> actual productivity