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09 Nov 2023

Sad clown paradox

I’ll restart later, and this will be the first bit I’ll add there:

Sad clown paradox - Wikipedia

TL;DR comedians are associated with depression/anxiety:

Humour has been shown to develop from a young age, fostered by parental behaviour. A parent’s immature nature can lead to additional responsibilities forced onto children, which can evoke issues of self-worth and a need for acceptance. The constant search for approval may cause mental health issues such as anxiety or depression […] Laughter can evolve as a medium for self-preservation, detaching the individual from any adversity faced allowing for perceived control over uncomfortable situations.

Sad clown paradox is characterised by a cyclothymic temperament, which encourages the creation of light-hearted humour in a professional setting, despite inner turmoil.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.