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01 Feb 2022

German Bindestrich VS Minus

German and typography and dashes is fascinating, especially how they’re named according to their function.

  • Halbgeviertstrich is a (half-length) long dash. Used as:
    • Gedankenstrich (like parentheses, “beat"s, etc.)
    • Bis-strich - “steht für das gesprochene Wort ‘Bis’": (“A-Z”)
    • Gegenstrich (“Roma-Napoli”)
  • Kurzstrich AKA Viertelgeviertstrich AKA “minus”
    • Bindestrich (“H-Milch”)
    • Ergänzungstrich (“Haupt- und Nebeneingang”)

Related is the English-language Wikipedia page about the 4 kinds of dashes.

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