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05 May 2023

Using descriptive titles not just for graphs, but also for section names

TL;DR helpful titles can be used not just for labeling graphs, but also for section titles in text!

In this quite notable “very recently leaked document” I saw a fascinating thing I’m going to steal: Google “We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI”

There was an age-old rule for naming/labeling graphs/plots in papers, described for example as “Create titles that work as headlines”1. That is, using a title that mentions the thing you think the graph shows. E.g. “Table 1. Most people support X” or “X correlates with an increase of Y”.

The section titles of the text above follow this rule:

![2023-05-05-135540_794x844_scrot.png]({{ site.assets_location }}/d0454af8225fdadbcf0fb0869aa11b7848907aef2ecf51464cc111f670c42b37.png)

These are the most useful section titles I’ve ever seen in my life. The text can be skimmed quickly just by reading the section titles.

I’m so stealing this.

  1. Three Ways to Annotate Your Graphs | by Data@Urban | Medium ↩︎

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