In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

11 Apr 2023


All in no particular order.

Projects - IT

My Bachelor’s thesis (2019)1 was about native language identification in tweets, that is, given an English-language tweet written by a non-native English speaker, detect their first (native) language.

Otherwise I did more IT stuff than I can remember, mostly to solve problems I myself had (such as a mirrored left-hand Dvorak keyboard layout), some completely random (like a picture and quote generator that might still be up at

I once created a shorthand system, then tried to optimize it with genetic algorithms, then thought about how interesting would it be to think of an algorithm to generate alphabets based on requirements/medium/messages, which became my only published paper.

Here are the (Russian) slides from a very informal privacy talk I once did, to a very lay audience, where I tried to explain why should they care about the topic at all.

I once talked (in Russian) about Personal Knowledge Management on an awesome podcast: Data Coffee — подкаст о данных в современном мире.

The only actually useful thing and one I’m most proud of is the work log on this website, which makes my life much better and which hopefully helped some other people.

Master’s Thesis in progress, I use the Diensttagebuch as notepad for it.

In its context the following Python packages were born:

Other stuff

From time to time I wrote stuff, sometimes I wrote poetry, sometimes I translated poetry. I also like drawing (pencil and especially vector graphics with Inkscape).

  1. Written at Hochschule Merseburg. At the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute I wrote a thesis on the topic of hiding messages in empty lines of HTML source code of multiple pages (through Shamir’s Secret Sharing) readable by a browser extention - it’s in Ukrainian, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll find it! ↩︎

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.